He takes photos for Canada’s top news publications and wants to learn to surf.


Walking home from school one day, 16-­year­‐old Blair was astounded by the intensity of a sunset. He didn’t know why, but he needed to capture the image. He ran home and borrowed his Dad’s camera. The result? An amazingly well composed, beautiful picture that surprised even his parents.

Blair has a knack for being at the right place at the right time. His job during high school was at the local camera store, giving him exposure to lots of camera equipment as well as time to learn new post-­production techniques. While shooting for his high school’s yearbook, Blair met a photographer who worked at the local paper. The photographer took Blair under his wing and let Blair apprentice with him. As Malcolm Gladwell would say, Blair had his 10,000 hours very early. (Side note: Blair’s mentor is now the Prime Minister’s official photographer.)

Blair’s documentary style of shooting allows every image to tell a story. He captures real moments and creates compelling portraits. Whether he’s shooting a wedding, an editorial assignment or a commercial project, it’s always conceptually driven and well executed.

One may say Blair’s photojournalism career reached a poignant place for him in 2008 when the head of photography for Reuters Canada put him in a headlock (literally) and told him they wanted him to come work for them. After that, assignments from the countries largest media outlets came rolling in. To date, he has been able to photograph some of the most powerful Presidents, Prime Ministers and Royals in the world.

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Profile photos courtesy of former Prime Minister Paul Martin, Warren Toda, Neville Black, Deb Ransom and Lars Hagberg.