He shoots people. Sometimes he chops off their head. This is what headshot photographers do. 

Rob took the scenic route into photography, with stops along the way for school, the Navy, more school, the Persian Gulf War, work, yet more school, hi-tech start-ups, and a private consulting practice. He has sailed five of the seven seas, seen particles travel faster than light, driven the Cabot Trail in a ’73 VW bus, caddied on the PGA Canada Tour, practices mandolin and yoga (never again at the same time) and makes a mean sultana cake.

Never far from a camera, Rob’s been shooting professionally now since 2012 and was recently accredited as an Associate Photographer in Peter Hurley’s HeadshotCrew, making him one of only 93 in the world (and the only one in Ottawa) to hold this designation.

Social media might enable your global digital identity, but it’s your headshot that tells the world who you are. That cute vacation pic, that awesome selfie, the shot your friend took with their fancy camera – they all say the same thing. You didn’t see a professional.

Your headshot needs to be a compelling expression of your confident and approachable personality; an inspired and authentic reflection of your individual human trajectory that brought you to now. It also needs to look good.

See more of Rob’s headshots at his HeadshotCrew and business websites. Then call him.

Sometimes the things we regret most are those we did not try.